Our Formation


Before their first mission, all of our collaborators have been in mandatory initial training that allows them to learn to deal with all situations.

The evolution of request in the field of security and development of new risks require furthermore an extensive training in respect for the ethical rules of the profession.

We ensure through regular evaluations the necessity of new trainings and so we can promise you a successful and efficient staff, regardless of the danger.

  • Fire fighting
  • Authorization HO-BO
  • Blanc-Bleu-Rouge plan for hospitals
  • Driver of certified dog defense
  • E.R.P 1 et E.R.P 2 (Public access buildings)
  • S.S.I.A.P
  • S.S.T (First aid rescue workers)
  • First aid training team
  • Port and airport security

Contact us: +33(0)662735504